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Tips for a Perfectly Organised Wardrobe

Tips for a Perfectly Organised Wardrobe

By Kristen Butler

Are you sick of not being able to find what to wear or do you feel overwhelmed by your bursting at the seams wardrobe?

In this blog post I will share some of my tips to help you get your wardrobe Perfectly Organised!

A lot of us underestimate how much an organised wardrobe can make in our day-to-day lives. With a wardrobe that is organised, not only will you be able to find what you are looking for with ease, getting dressed will become a much more enjoyable and stress-free experience.


Research shows that only 20% of the average wardrobe is worn on a regular basis. This tells us that there is most definitely room for improvement when it comes to what we store in our wardrobes.

I appreciate that this step can be hard, however it is a very important one. The only items you have in your wardrobe should be items that you love, enjoy wearing, items that have a practical purpose and items that fit you NOW.

A great first step is to start by removing anything that does not fit you now. These items can be packed away if you love them and have the goal to fit them in the future, but if they are in your wardrobe now, they will only leave you feeling down when you want to wear something, but it does not fit.

Next remove anything you no longer wear or want and wish to donate or sell. If it makes the process easier, these steps can be done section by section, e.g., Start with pants and then move on to dresses, then tops…. etc, etc. Or you can do what I do and pull everything all out and go through each item one by one. The choice is yours.


Once you are left with only the items you wish to keep in your wardrobe, organise them into sections. Group the pants together, then singlet tops, then short sleeve tops, then long sleeve tops, then jumpers, then jackets, then dresses, etc.

Once everything is grouped together if you wish you can then organise each section by colour. This can make the overall appearance of your wardrobe more aesthetically pleasing.


Matching hangers are another way to make your wardrobe beautiful. Having hangers that match help avoid visual clutter and gives your wardrobe a clean, sleek appearance. Many Professional Organisers prefer to use Flocked Coat Hangers. I personally also love to use Flocked (velvet) Coat Hangers, as they are much better at keeping your clothes on the hanger, as opposed to how clothes slide off plastic hangers quite easily.

Flocked Coat Hangers do not have to be expensive either; Kmart stock boxes of 30 hangers for only $10. Spotlight also stock flocked hangers, they are a bit pricier, but come in a range of different colours.


Quite often shelves can become a jumbled mess. Shelf dividers are a great way of dividing up space where needed to help keep everything neat and tidy while also ensuring things stay where they belong. They assist with organisation by breaking up the space into smaller compartments, in order to categorise and separate out your items.

Again, Kmart stock clear shelf dividers and they come in a pack of two for only $9.


This last tip may not be an organisation one, but it happens to be one of my favourite.

If you haven’t already; installing sensor lights in your wardrobe can be a great finishing touch! A simple cupboard sensor light will not only light up an otherwise dark space, it also adds a touch of glam and sophistication.

While you could get some easily installed by an electrician; battery powered cupboard sensor lights can also be purchased from your local hardware store like Mitre10 or Bunnings for under $30.

Thanks for Reading!

KB xx

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