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Since watching Marie Kondo’s (Tidying Up with Marie Kondo) show on Netflix when it first came out in 2019, I have been obsessed with the File folding way of organising drawers! It is truly a gamechanger! Even the kid’s drawers have stayed tidy since applying this method!

Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo, also known as Konmari is a famous Japanese organising consultant. Interested in organising since a child; Marie has written four books on organising and is a TV host on 2 Netflix series: Tidying up with Marie Kondo and Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo.

Marie Kondo has her own method of organising called the KonMari Method. The Kon Marie method consists of organising your items category by category rather than room by room. This is achieved by gathering all items of a certain category together and deciding what to keep by choosing whether the item sparks joy or not and then giving each item that does spark joy home.

Folding clothes the Marie Kondo way:

Marie Kondo’s way of folding involves folding your clothes into the shape of a small rectangle so that it can stand on its own and storing them standing upright in the drawer. Not only does using this method save space; you can also easily see everything you have in the drawer just by looking at it! YAY! No more having to dig through piles! And it looks AMAZING!

How to fold a shirt Marie Kondo Style:

1. Lay shirt flat.

(If the shirt has a picture on it, I personally like to lay it picture side down, this leaves most pictures visible, allowing you to tell what shirt it is much easier)

2. Fold each lengthwise side of the shirt towards the centre and tuck the sleeves in to make a rectangle shape.

3. Fold one side of the rectangle in towards the other end of the rectangle.

4. Then, fold into thirds or in half and half again (depending on what works best for the height of your drawers.

5. Stand it up

Watch Marie fold other basic items here:

Final Thoughts:

While I love to use the file folding system when organising drawers, I do not always use the Marie Kondo way of folding, as it does involve more folds and I am all about making things simpler not harder. Especially with the kid’s clothes, as they are already quite small (and there can be a lot of them to fold!), I simply just fold their tops as I normally would and simply store them standing upright in the drawer.

For Example:

1. Fold in half down the centre

2. Fold the sleeves on top

3. Then fold in thirds or in half and then half again

(depending on the height of the drawer).

As long as each item still stand up nicely in the drawer, the same outcome is achieved.

I do however use the Marie Kondo folding method for adult size clothes, as it allows bigger items to fit more perfectly in the drawer and it looks neater too.

If you really wanted to though, you could even just fold your clothes like you normally would and simply just fold them in half and stand them up in your drawer that way.

It is about what works for you!

Finally, if you want to get even more technical, you can arrange each row of shirts or sweaters by colour to create a beautiful rainbow and add labels for each category. Labels are an awesome finishing touch, especially for the kids drawers.

Hope this has inspired you to give the File Folding system a go! You will not be disappointed with the outcome!

Happy Folding!

Kristen x

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